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Hi  Kim, I am getting a standard poodle puppy this weekend. I read a reply you gave to another person with the puppy tests and found it helpful. I am 52, have no children, and am looking for a calm, sweet tempered companion and plan for her to do some therapy at nursing homes with me. I went and looked at the puppies at six weeks. They are now 8 weeks. The breeder put two in the puppy pen which was a new place to them for me to see because I was considering getting two. Now I'm thinking one.  What do you see as pros and cons between getting one or two? When she put them in there pup1 was very dominant and it was hard for me to tell how submissive pup 2 was with pup 1 in the pen. She did not care to interact with me at first but after about ten minutes she started to come when I called her with a lot of encouragement. We left the two them alone for a little while and pup 1 had her pinned on the ground and was growling. She wasn't afraid of pup one because they continued playing. I'm thinking if she was too submissive she would have avoided pup 1 after that. What do you think?  Another question regarding coats. Some Of the pups have wavy and some curvier and softer. I would think this would be an indicator of what their adult coat. Is it?  Thank you so much for your time assisting me in my choice!  Cindy

Hello Cindy,
The puppy you are planning on picking sounds nice, as long as you don't think that she may be too submissive.  For a Therapy dog or a dog that is going to interact with lots of people, you want a very outgoing, tail up pup.  You can help make your pup more social by getting her around people as soon as you get her.  You might also consider taking her to puppy classes or a level 1 Obedience class.  This will help with her manners and her social interaction with both people and other dogs, and will be great for the bonding process between you and her.  
She sounds a little submissive the way you described her, but you should try sitting with her by herself, to see how she reacts with just you.  Take a few toys with you to encourage her to play and a few easy to eat puppy treats.  If you are really interested in her, sleep in an old tee shirt for a few days before you visit her, and leave the shirt with her when you leave.  This will leave your scent with her.  

I think one pup to start would be best.  Even though they get "other Pup" interaction if there is more than one, with you being home alot and able to devote time to the pup, it will be ok if there isn't another dog at first.  If you want to bring a second dog into the picture later, then you will be more prepaired.  You will want to bond with this pup and be able to take the time to properly train her before working with another puppy.  
Two pups can learn from each other and it gives them someone to play with when you are out.
You can take this as good or not so good.  It depends on what they are learning from each other.  

About the hair type, typically a curlier coat will tend to be more curly when they get their adult coat.  A more soft and wavy coat won't have the body that the more curly coat will have.  A wavy coat is more prone to matting and will need more brushing to maintain.  

I am excited for you.  If you have other questions about this or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask.  I am always willing to help.

Thanks for using,


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