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Poodles/house breaking


Do you have any good suggestions on house breaking?
What is a good way to discipline a standard poodle?
PS... Mine is 6 months old.

Hello Trina,
First off, you need to be consistant with your training.  When you take your dog out to potty, take him to the same place every time.  You will want to feed him on a schedule rather than free feeding him, giving about 2 meals every day.  For a Standard Poodle, 2 1/2-3 cups a day is about average.  
I would take him outside about 15 min. after he eats.  Watch him after he eats to make sure he doesn't go inside.  You will see him start to sniff around and look for a spot.  Get him outside if you see him doing this.  
If he does make a mistake in the house, clean it up with paper towels and put it outside where you want him to go.  He will smell this concentrated urine and be more apt to go there.  

When you catch your dog IN THE ACT of peeing or pooping in the house, you should tell him NO! in a very stern voice and get him outside.  When he finishes going potty, bring him inside and show him the mess.  Lay him down on the floor and get over top of him.  Look him in the eye and growl at him.  You want him to look away and not make eye contact with you.  When he submits to you, you can leave him where he is and walk away.  He will get up on his own.  This will be a more effective punishment that spanking him or yelling at him.  This is the way he understands, the way a dominate dog would punish him.  

Lastly, give him a chance and some time.  Encourage him when he does what you ask and when you have to punish him, be calm yet firm.  

I hope this has helped you some.  If you have other questions for me about this or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask.  

Thanks for using,


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