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My poodle is currently in heat .. her discharge is still red and not clear yet.  But she keeps trying to flag our Stud, but all he does is smell and lick.

My questions is - My stud is only 7 months old.  My poodle came into heat 2 months earlier than normal and I fear that he may just not be old enough?  Or is it just the wrong time in her cycle and she isn't putting off the right scent yet?

My poodle is over 3 years old, and I missed her last cycle and I don't want to miss this cycle as I know it is better for them to birth while they are younger.  Should I find a different stud for this cycle?  Or do you think I am just worried too early?

Thank you

Hello Jessica,
Your stud dog may be too young, it depends on the individual dog as to when they are ready to breed or not.  He may just be inexpirenced and not know what to do.  

Your female will be ready to breed about 9 days after you see blood.  She is flagging like she is suppose to.  Your male should sniff and lick, then mount.  You might put them in a small room where you can supervise and assist if necessary.  I know when we used to help with the breeding, one of us would stand the female in the middle of the room and hold her tail up and out of the way, the other would tease the male with her tail and assist him in mounting if necessary.  If he would lose interest, we would put him outside for a minute so he could mark things and pee on the girl pee, then bring him inside so he could try again.  
Once we got a sucessful breeding, we would let both dogs rest for a day and try again the day after.  We repeted the process until the female stopped allowing the male to mount.  Days 14-16 are going to be her most fertile, so you may want to try breeding all of those days.  

One other thing you can try is to hand jack your male when he is excited.  As he is sniffing the female and is all hot and frisky, but won't mount, put gentle pressure on his penis and see if you can get him to swell.  Be ready with a dixie cup to collect his sperm then when you have a decent amount, draw it up with a syringe and inject it into the female.  When doing this, it is suggested that one of you hold the females rear end up (she will be standing on her front legs) and the other inject so that gravity helps direct the sperm to the eggs.  Inject all the sperm you collected into her, then hold her up for as long as you and her are able.  Next, put her in her crate so she isn't moving around and don't put her outside for at least 30 min.  A.I. breeding like this has a lower chance of producing babies, but is better than missing her heat cycle.  You can alternate this with normal breeding if your male will comply.  

If nothing else and he just won't breed this time around, her next heat cycle will come around July giving you Sept. puppies.  

I would keep trying and encouraging him to mount.  

Give this a try and if you have other questions about this, or any other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks for using,


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