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I purchased a small black toy poodle from a private owner when the dog was 4 months. I was told that the dog is a purebred toy poodle. I've had my doubts about the purebred part. She is only about 6 pounds in size and her hair is somewhat curly.  She is very active and happy. Rhoo is now 2 years old and I would really like to breed her, but I was told that she might now be in season yet. Can you tell me how I will know? There has been no major change in behavior and I have never seen any blood. Is it possible that she hasn't reached maturity yet? Thank you for any help you might offer.

Hello Josette,
Your girl could still be a Toy Poodle.  6 lbs isn't too far off for a Toy Poodle and anything under 10" in size is considered a Toy.  The coat could also be Poodle, even if its a softer and not as curly coat.  Some breeders are lax about the quality of dogs they breed and though I am not saying that your dog isn't quality, some breeders don't research the dogs in their dogs background.  Therefore, they could be breeding a quality dog that has dogs in its background that are more pet quality.  So your girl could have a softer coat because dogs in her background have a softer coat, and she could still be purebred.  
If you would like to send me a picture of her, I will look her over and see what I think.  

As for breeding her, make sure her vulva area is shaved close and watch for bleeding.  When you first see blood, she will be in Standing Heat 9-11 days after you first see the blood.  You might talk to your Vet if she hasn't shown signs of heat within a few more weeks or so.  Some dogs don't present the signs of heat as obviously as others, so you might just have missed it.  Toy Poodles tend to mature earlier than the other varieties of Poodles, sometimes maturing around 9-10 months of age, where the Miniature and Standard varieties can take from 1.5-2 years to mature.  Some Toy Poodles will come into heat as early as 7 months, or as late as 18 months, but going until 2 yrs without a heat is rare.  Your vet can give her something that will bring her into a heat if she needs it.  It is unhealthy for them to not have a heat cycle if they have not been fixed.  

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions for me, please feel free to ask me.

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