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We have had our toy poodle since she was 8 weeks old.  She is now 10 years old.  We trained her well enough that she lets us know when she needs to go out and does her business well outside.  We probably treated her too much like a human before we started our own family.  We have always had difficulties with her making messes in the same spots when we are not at home or in the middle of the night/early morning no matter how often or when she goes outside.  We think it is partly out of habit and partly out of anger for attention.  Because she would mess even if we were only away for 15 minutes, we now gate her in the kitchen when we leave the house and she never goes in there.  I know we need to clean and deodorize the spots and I know a few things we could do to help her with her habits.  My main question is this: should we crate her at night and when we are out of the house?  She is used to sleeping in our bed at night and we worry that she would whine and feel less loved if we made those changes now.  We know we should have taken care of this years ago, but we now have five children and are a homeschooling family, so you can imagine our time is stretched in many directions.  I would appreciate any advice you could give.  We love our doggy very much, try to give her as much love as we can, and are committed to keeping her for life.  We want to make these remaining years with her happy and healthy comfortable for everyone involved.  Thanks!

Hello Kristen,
There are several things you can do for your girl to help control her urination issues.  First, you might schedule a Vet visit to rule out any bladder problems that could be leading to her going between outtings.  
If you want her to stay in the house and in your bed at night, then you might look at using the doggie diapers with pads.  They help because after the dog has worn them for awhile and has had a couple of accidents in them, they tend to not potty in them because they don't like the wet feel on them.
This is a neat "Doggie Diaper" called the "PeeKeeper".  This one won't slip or be pulled off.
These are the Stylish Poochie Pants:

If you think she would be ok with the diaper on, then you can leave her loose, but if you are not sure you could leave her either in a smaller room (such as a laundry room or bathroom) or a crate.  If you have a crate that is sized right, has a nice blanket or pad down, water and maybe a toy or chewie, leaving a dog in a crate isn't bad.  It actually helps the pet by giving it its own personal space and by keeping it safe from things it might get in to.

If you would eventually like to get her to where she would stay in a crate at night, start by putting her in a crate next to the bed.  Next start to move the crate to where you plan on keeping it.  Slowly move the crate closer and closer to its intended destination, taking time for your dog to adjust, until you have it where you want it.  If you do start to crate her, sleep in an old tee shirt for a few days and put it in with her.  That way, she will have something with your scent on it and it will help relax her some.

For urine odor in the house, there is a product that Wal-Mart carries called "Kids N' Pets" that works great for about anything (yes, kid messes also) kid or pet related.  Our Wal-Mart keeps it with the cleaning items.  You clean up the urine mess as good as possible, then put the Kids N'Pets on the mess and let it sit.  It takes the odor away and leaves a pleasant scent.  

From one kid who was Homeschooled to a HomeSchooling Mom, More Power to you and May you have loads of Patience heaped on you.  God Bless.
I hope this helps you some.  Please feel free to write me again if you have further questions about this, or other Poodle questions in general.  

Thanks for using,


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