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hello Kim

i just have a question regarding one of my toy poodle puppies . he is 4 weeks old and was the most playfull puppy of the lot of three.

he is now behaving different , i suspect he cannot poo properly ? he looks constipated, and he has a hard poo patch on his behind, i have seen the mother of the puupies licking his behind but he still cannot seem to do the poo. how can we help??

thanks , and should we now be trying to feed the puppy with something else as the mother has reduced the time she feeds them . what are some of the food we should give the puppies??

just concerned as this is my first lot of puppies.



Hello again Krishneil,
Your best bet is to use warm water on his "poo patch" to loosen it enough that it can be removed.  It is probably covering his butt so that he cannot poo.  If using warm water doesnt help, you will need to use scissors or a pair of trimmers to remove it.  

The best thing you can give your puppies when the mother stops feeding them as much is canned puppy food with water or puppy milk replacer.  Mix it up until its fairly runny for their first time.  When you put it down for them to eat, just gently put their faces in it to start them off.  They will lick the liquid off their faces, then start eating.  You can give them about a 1/2 cup per puppy 2X a day until the mother stops feeding them altogether.  Then you should feed them 3 times a day.  

I hope this helps you and your little guy.  

Thanks for using,


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