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I recently spoke to a gentleman with a litter of standard poodles. He has a white female im interested in breeding with my black 10 month old male who will have genetic testing before I even consider the breeding. My question is...he told me the parents are mother and son..he professes to be a realtor and not a breeder, but his female came from a champion breeder. Im having 2nd thoughts now on purchasing this little girl, should I be concerned? The mother has ben ofa certified and has a pedigree to read about according to him, but her son, the father is only 14 months old. In his words, the breeding was an accident.

Hello Laurie,
There is mixed opinions on Mother to Son or Father to Daughter breedings.  I don't consider it inbreeding until you take a puppy from that litter and breed it back to the mother or father, and so on.  Brother to Sister breedings are also looked down upon.  

If you have a really nice dog or bitch without faults, then a mother or father to Pup breeding is ok.  What you really have to watch for when considering a puppy is does the Parent being bred have ANYTHING wrong with it.  If so, then by breeding it back to its genetic 1/2 is going to insure passage of that fault.  So lets say you have a parent dog that is perfect except for a low tail set.  You take that dog and breed it back to its off-spring, which may or may not have a low tail set.  Due to the fact that it has the 1/2 gene for a lower tail set, the resulting puppies will have a higher chance of having low tail sets because they will get one gene for low tail set from mom and the possibility of getting the low tail set gene from the son (who got the low tail set gene from the mother)  I know, don't give it too much thought or it will hurt your brain.  Genetic breeding is Very confusing.

You need to check out the health records of both parents and the son.  The mother's health will be more important because you are basically doubling up on her genes, but it would be nice to know about the son's father also.  
If there are any faults that your boy has that the little girl also has, then know that the puppies will probably have that also.  
As long as both dogs are genetically sound and have desirable traits, then I would say that this would be an ok breeding.  

Depending on what color the Mother and Son are, you might expect all Black puppies.  Black is the Dominate gene.  Your Pup is Black and if the Mother is also Black then the Puppies will have that dominate Black gene.  Just an FYI.

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions or concerns about this, please feel free to ask again.  

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