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QUESTION: My Grace is about 1yr.6 months and really feel she is pregnant this is her 2nd heat and she was really small when we got her her last weigh at the vet was 8 lbs which I was surprised, but we had got a male to breed her with, well when we took him at the same time he weighed 9 lbs and we picked the smallest of the litter but he is only around 7 and 1/2 months,but Grace was in heat when we went to the vet last ,and the vet said he could very well breed her now and they got tied about 7 times..starting February 21 St through the 25 th but they started playing around the week of the 14 th of February,,but my question is it said the female would eat more well my Grace does not want to eat and I just know she has lost weight..I'm so worried was going to take to vet to have her checked on the 12th which is today but could not get her have to wait till monday ,which I read the other questions about feeding so had my husband pick up some of the pedigree little champions pouches and he found some champion puppy food for puppies or pregnant mothers so he is bringing this home tonight..just hope i'm not to late to get her weight back up..cause I know it will not be much longer and she will be right up there at 65 to 68 days..she goes to the vet on Monday afternoon i'm hoping on the 15th of April..or the 16th for sure..they have messed my husbands hrs and days at work all up and I cannot cannot get her up there till then which I have been keeping in touch with the vet..they said to use the low sodium chicken broth on her dry puppy food but only worked twice she caught on and then quit eating that tried a walmart brand cheap canned puppy food and did that 1 time and she ate that mixed with dry twice and thats it she caught on .I know she is starved so now we are going to try this evening the kinds you suggested to the other lady which I hope it works but she just is not getting very big and has lost i know a few lbs..but she has swollen in her bottom two tets for sure and it looks like they r trying to make lil milk sacks but if she does not eat she will not be healthy enough..I do not dare want anything to happen to her and would love to have a puppy or what ever God decides but just so worried for you have any other suggestions of feeding her or what I should do and also she is over aggressive when she gets sick or if something is hurting her like when she was being breed I had to hold her so she would not hurt my male..cause when they were stuck she had a fit and tried to bite it off so I'm worried for when or if she starts having puppies it will hurt her ,what would i do hold her so she does not hurt them but then i would have to clean them and do what needs to be done?I'm just so worried..ty for listening..

ANSWER: Hello Denise,
Congradulations on the upcoming litter.  Even though switching foods can cause a dog stomach upset, I would buy several different flavors of canned foods or pouches and keep trying different ones with her.  If you use one for a couple of days, then try another flavor for a couple of days, it might be enough to keep her eating.  
She is probably very confussed about what is going on in her tummy.  She probably isn't eating because of some indigestion and stomach upset.  Once the puppies come, you will probably see an increase in her appetite.  You can put some of the puppy milk formula (for supplementing mothers milk) on her food, this will help her to put on some weight and its good for her.  The diet I mentioned should also be appealing to her and cause her to eat some.  

Breeding can be painful to a female their first time, so I can understand why she might have tried to bite the male.  When a female is having puppies, she is usually preoccupied and after the first puppy comes, she should be ok.  
This might sound gross, but let her eat the afterbirth.  Most females will and its actually good for them.  It helps bring in their milk and provides protein for their bodies.  You might want to help get the puppy out of her first though and take the sac off, then tie a piece of denal floss around the umbilical cord near the puppies belly and cut it oppsite where the umbilical cord goes into the puppy.  
Once the puppy is near the mother, she should lick it clean and then you can help it find a teet and make sure it starts to nurse.  

Give this a try and if she still isn't eating after the puppies come, please feel free to contact me again.

Thanks for using,

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QUESTION: Well we had no results ..she had another false pregnancy..this will make the second time..what am I doing wrong ?the first time she had one was her first heat and she did not even get bred this time she was bred..but i guess it did not take what do I do?does this mean she will not be able to have puppies..he is older now and she should come back in heat in August some time..but after they bred this time we really thought we had puppies but nope but then afterwards while she was still going through the false pregnancy they were still trying ..and they did get hung up one more time and it was rough I thought she was going to prolapse..cause it really hurt her cause she was not in heat so now i try to keep them apart when they start doing that..I'm completely lost on this..please give me some hints...for next time thanks for all your other information ..ty Denise

Hello again Denise,
Its not your fault that your girl isn't taking with her pregnancy.  It also doesn't mean that she won't ever get pregnant.  There could be several factors that is causing her to not become pregnant.  The sperm from the male could be weak and just not getting to the egg, she could be coming into heat but not producing fertile eggs, you guys could be missing her strongest heat days, or she could be losing the puppies further along in the pregnancy.  Sometimes it takes the girl a few tries before a pregnancy takes.  

Do make sure that she is in heat before he breeds her, and don't let him breed her too early.  It should be around the 9th day after you first see blood before you even try to breed them.  Then you should breed them every other day, letting the male rest and rebuild his stores before letting them breed again.  You can breed them around 5 times before the female should start resisting the male.  
When you put them together, watch them so that they don't get overtired, and if he is having problems, seperate them for a short time, then put them back together.  That gives them a rest and gets him more focused.  
You should also try to keep them in a small room so that once he is tied with her, they don't move around alot.  This can hurt both of them if he pulls out early.  

If he wants to breed with her even when she is out of heat, put a doggie diaper on her or a Belly Band on him to prevent an accidental breeding out of season.  Then when you see him trying, you can seperate them.  We always gave our guys the phrase "Get Your Girl" when it was time for them to do their thing.  This way, they knew what to do and when.  

Give this a try and if you have other questions or need other suggestions, please feel free to ask me again.  I hope this helps and that you have a successful breeding in the future.  

Thanks for using,


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