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We resecued a pair of poodles at 15 and 16 years old. The 16 year old died last year at aged 18.  The younger brother became less protective and more attached to my wife after the older one died.

The younger one has always been more nervous but in the last week he has become initially agressive if I tried to take pick him up and take him out. He also snapped at my wife a couple of times.  He responded to our voice commands to sit and then to come to us. He was submissive and clearly upset that he had been agressive.  

We have considered this maybe failing eyesight, increasing separation anxiety, age and some pain (although he is eating well and sleeps in our bed)  He follows my wife all day never letting her in a room that he is not in.  He sleeps all night 8-12 hours. Has almost no accidents in the home (occasionally but is sure to go on the tile in the spare bathroom).  Any ideas what the problem might be and how to manage it?

Hello Richard,
It sounds like your boy is in pain and reacting when you pick him up.  It could be something minor, or something more serious such as a tumor or cancer.  You would be best to take him to the Vet to get him checked and on some pain medication such as Tramadol.  Do not treat him with baby asprin or other pain relievers because that can cause liver damage.  
It doesn't sound like eye problems because even if he couldn't see you, he could tell who you were due to your smell.  Confusion could contribute to his reaction, but I wouldn't think it would come in only a weeks time.
You might try putting down pee pads on the tile so he is more comfortable going on them.  

That would be my best suggestion in this case.  If you have other questions or concerns about this, please feel free to ask me.

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