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I have a 9 yr. old tea cup, 5.5 lb. black poodle.  He was 6 months old when I got him.  Over the years, he has begun to loose his hair.  It started out on the back of his hind legs and tail. After several years, it has started to come back, but still splotchy.  Now his hair is really thinning on his back.  I have had the allergy tests done indicating none. He is in excellent health with no red or scaly skin.  I have had him to 3 vets and none have been able to offer any solution.  One did tell me to give him Omega 3, which I did, but no visible results.  His skin does not appear to be dry, but his hair does, and while his legs and chest is curly, his back is straight.  Any suggestions?

Hello Mary,
Being a Groomer, I have come across this from time to time, where a dog comes in for a shave and at the next visit, has patches where the hair just never grew back in.  I was told by one customer that when they took the dog to the Vet, they did a skin scrape and found it was a bacteria that causes the hair not to grow in certain places.  It can be passed from dog to dog by groomers who don't disinfect their equipment.  They had taken their dog to someone else before this happened and assured me that I wasn't the cause.  
You can have your Vet do a skin scraping at the place where he is losing the hair to see if the bacteria is present.  
You can also feed your dog the Fish Oil, but it needs to be from Wild Caught Salmon.  If you use regular Salmon, the fish farms they grow them on use Corn as part of their diet.  A lot of dogs have allergies to corn which would make a skin problem worse.  

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I would give these mentioned things a try and if you have other questions about this, or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

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