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Poodles/poodle not eating


Sugar's Mom wrote at 2013-08-14 16:25:21
My toy, Sugar, is a picky eater.  This can be challenging. I finally found Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance!  I highly recommend it.  There is soft and crunchy in a variety of flavors. Sugar likes a combo plate.  It comes in "limited ingredients".  It is simple basic good food like Kim's recipes.  She loves the Wild boar and brown rice.

Mind you Sugar, does not always eat when she should depending what is going on around me and her.  I do share some people food with her ie Watermelon, knowing she gets something from it her body needs.

Give this a try...Dick will Thank you!

Baggio wrote at 2013-11-15 16:14:42
Kim's recipe was excellent, and I don't really have much to add to what Kim already said about the options:

A. Change dog food brands (not recommended, lots of bad ingredients in most shelved dog food, you can see Dog Food Advisor for more info)

B. Trying different variations (canned foods, mixing in treats, etc.) - (still not recommended - commercial food, dry or wet isn't good)

C. Raw diet (e.g. BARF - actually I'd recommend this as one option)

D. Cooked meals (#1 recommended - don't have to worry about bacterial count as in raw diet, and you can fully control what goes into your poodle's stomach).

For more recipes, check out


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