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Poodles/wieght difference in breeding toy poodles


What is the max wieght difference between your male and female? I know the male should be smaller. Could you breed a 7 or 8 pound male to a 5 pound female without complications?3?

Hello Machell,
The size difference you are describing shouldn't cause complicatioins to your female or puppies, though if the puppies are going to be bigger the female might need a c-section.  It would be best to know the sizes/body types of the dogs in the male and females background before breeding.  If the males are all larger dogs, heavy boned etc, and the females are smaller boned and small framed then this could cause problems.  However, if your female is small, yet more beefy then she should be able to handle the possibly of larger puppies more easily.  I would talk to your Vet about it, and if the breeding does take place, monitor your female throughout her pregnancy, maybe even having an Ultrasound done around her 45th day to see the sizes of the puppies and how many are present.  

We are talking about a 3 lb difference rather than more like 20 lbs.  Lets use the scenario of a male Boxer and either a female Beagle or a Female Whippet (small Greyhound).  The Boxer is of course the larger of the 3 dogs, but his breeding to the Beagle would be better than the breeding to the Whippet because the Beagle has a larger frame than the lean frame of the Whippet.  The Whippet would almost certianly have to have a c-section, where the Beagle could possibly have an ok whelp.    

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions/comments about this, or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask.

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