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I am currently in the process of considering adding another dog to my family. I currently only have a Yorkie, who does run my house like a princess, but I fully house trained and bite trained (she knows NO tricks). I currently manage her grooming as well. She is my first and only dog, and I was really wanting to look into getting a big breed. As a child I was attacked by several dogs on several occasions, yet I still LOVE animals, and am a little apprehensive about getting a big breed. By asking around and doing some research many said that a Standard Poodle would be my best fit. Hypo-allergenic, easy to train, GREAT temperament, and great stamina (I run a lot).

With that being said, I wish to know what to expect when I get my standard poodle. How much do they eat? How much exercise do they need and how often? How is their temperament and intelligence in truth? What are some major things I need to be aware of?

Thank you.

Hello Jim,
I would have answered you sooner, but I was at a Dog Show this weekend.  
Great to hear that you want to add a Std Poodle to your family.  This breed of dog really fits most lifestyles because they are so versatile.  I always tell people that if you are an active person then your Poodle will be active with you and if you are a couch potato, then your Poodle will be a couch hound just like you (though they may drive you crazy having you throw something now and then).  

You will need to consider whether you want an Adult dog or a Puppy.  Male or Female and where you would like to get it from (breeder, rescue, etc).  
You need to decide what temperament, energy level and exercise you want to do, then look for that type of dog.  The breeder you choose should help pair you with a dog that will fit your lifestyle.  Poodles are very versatile and can adapt to any lifestyle.

A Poodle really is intelligent and its been shown that sometimes they out think their owners.  My Poodle puppy for instance watches me open the gate he is kept behind, and now he knows how to open it also.  He rears up on the gate and backs up, bringing the gate with him therefore opening the gate.  If you think something your Poodle does is funny (even if its naughty) and you laugh, your Poodle will think you liked it and will try it again.  
As for a Poodle temperament, that depends on the dog.  A Poodle will go through 3 fear stages that can cause them to become shy of things, so its up to the owner to socialize their puppy through these stages.  This means getting the dog out, having people pet and/or give your puppy treats, and introducing them to things they may not have expirenced yet.  This will help them get through these fear stages.  They tend to happen around 7 weeks, 4 months and again around 8-9 months.  

So your best bet is to research Poodles on the Web, You can check out
Versatility In Poodles
Wonderful World of Paris Poodles (talks about Poodle Colors)
Poodle Club of America
The Poodle Network

These will help you get started.  Be sure to talk to the breeders or rescue people about the dogs you are interested in.  Let them know what you are looking for and they can find a Poodle that will fit you.  Ask Questions and they should do the same.  
Be aware of breeders that claim they have Rare Colors or Rare sizes.  Good breeders will do breed specific testing on their dogs to keep genetic maladies out of their lines.  They will also offer Health Guarantees and some will even take a puppy back or offer a refund if you are not satisfied.  

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions for me, please ask (I will answer more quickly this time) and I will do what I can to help.  

Thanks for using,


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