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Hi Kim,

2 Year old Toy poodle came home from the groomer yesterday and I see a bump above her right eye. It's not discoloured, it's her skin colour (not dark, brown or red), about 1/4"around, smooth, not flaky. She doesn't seem to be scratching it and it didn't seem to bother her when I rubbed my finger over it. Doesn't seem to have a head or pore on it. It's about a 1/4" above the inner corner of her eye, on her forehead close to her muzzle.  

Preliminary research on the net didn't reveal any similar conditions or photos.

She was last groomed 2 months ago and I did not see it then.

Will try to get her in to see a Vet / Skin Specialist but would appreciate your feedback.


Hello Kathryn,
Is it possible to send me a picture of it.  There are many things it could be.  It could be an ingrown hair, a smooth bump that can be slightly red or it can be normal skin colored.  It could be a pimple type bump that hasn't formed a head yet, or it could be a tumor bump.  Does it feel fluid filled or is it hard.  
My first guess would be an ingrown hair, but I would go ahead and take her to the Vet just to be sure.  
If you want to send me a picture, my e-mail addy is

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions about this or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks for using,


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