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Hi Kim,

Thanks for taking my question.  I have had a Royal standard in the past, black.  Now I want a Red.  I am apprehensive about the pricing on these dogs and want to know a good way to find a breeder that will not charge me a house note (3,000.00) for the dog.  I'm picky but don't want my pickiness to cause me to go broke !!!  Help !!  The society breeders know they have you if you want fewer problems, better coats of color and less genetic problems.   I just think I shouldn't have to pay 1800 to 3000 for a family member.  I can birth a child for less than folks charge for the dogs.  Kinda of screwy to me.  Thanks Much

Hello Mercedes,
The thing with the Red Standards is that there are very few quality Reds over here in this country.  Most are in Europe and Germany.  The good ones over here are pricy because of the care the breeders take to insure quality lines so that the Rich Red color stays solid.  The cost also covers all the care that goes to producing healthy dogs.  Health Testing so genetic issues that crop up can be removed before they get into the line.  You mentioned in your question that you didn't want to pay that much for a family member, but the good breeders want to insure that the family member you get can live a full and healthy life without sickness, disease or early death.  
That being said, there are ways to get quality dogs without paying the high prices.  
Here are some good sites to help you find breeders and kennels in your area:
Poodles  This site allows you to put in the size of Poodle you are looking for, Color, your State, etc.  Very helpful.
Apricot/Red Poodle Club:  This is the Home site for Red and Apricot Poodles.  
Versatility in Poodles:  Just a wonderful resource for Poodle owners, Chock full of information.
Poodle Club of America:  The place for Poodle people.  Lots of Resources.  

Try Contacting the breeders in your area.  Talk to them and see what they have to offer.  Sometimes a breeder will sell puppies that are not quite show quality to people who will get them spayed or neutered and keep them as a good pet.  Sometimes a Breeder will sell their dogs (more often males than females) after they finish showing them, as good pets.  You will need to talk to the breeders.  Get to know them and let them teach you if they will.  Show them you are willing to learn from them.  If you become more familiar with them, they will better trust you with their dogs.

Talk to Rescues Organizations around your area also.  Call them and let them know what you are looking for.  You might have to be put on a list, but Rescue is a good option.  Some of the above-mentioned sites also have Rescue options.

If you do happen to find a dog through other means, either through sites such as Craigslist or Ebay, or backyard breeders, Please make sure you check out the "breeders" to make sure the puppies are quality.  Make sure you get a Health Guarantee and get a Vet Check done to insure a Healthy puppy for your family.

I hope this information helps you some.  If you have other questions about your search for Poodles, Please feel free to ask me.  

Thanks for using,


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