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We had a poodle (Miniature) before and she drank very little water.
And did not like any dog food.
Now we just got a 7 month old Toy poodle and he likes to eat dog food (wet) no way he will eat dry food.
What we are worried that he drinks very little water. Is that normal ?
Please advise, thank you,

Hello Tessa,
I would start by, instead of giving your dog canned food (if that is what the "wet" food is) try adding water or even low salt chicken broth (and change it up occasionally and use Beef, Pork or Turkey flavors and you can also try the gravies, just try and get the low salt kind) on dry dog food to see if he will eat this.  You can add things like cottage cheese, veggies; such as peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery (watch the strings) or cucumbers or even fruit such as berries, melons, apples, oranges (the cuties work best if your dog likes them due to no seeds) and pears.  Do stay away from grapes, onions, and of course chocolate.  
Always provide water, but by adding some of these healthy foods to his diet, you can trick him into taking in more liquid.
You should also start giving your dog a 1/2 teaspoon of Coconut Oil in his food daily.  It is so good for so many things.

When he goes outside to pee, look at his urine.  If it is a darker color then he should be drinking more.  If it is lighter or normal yellow looking, then it means he is getting enough water to drink.  You can also gently pinch his skin and see if it snaps back into shape or not. If it doesn't instantly pop back then your dog needs more water.    

I would try this and see if your dog is willing to try it out.  I hope this answer was helpful and informative to you.  

Thanks for using,


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