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Hello, I have a chocolate female goldendoodle , her mom was a white goldendoodle and her dad was a chocolate laberadoodle. I want to breed her to a parti chocolate and white poodle,and his dad was chocolate and white parti and his mom was white and black parti  what colors due you think I will get and will I get parti.  I do not want blacks. Thank you so much for your knowledge Tammy

Hello Tammy,
There is a long and a short answer to this question.  I will start with the short answer first.

When breeding for color, there is NO guarantee that you will get what you are breeding for.  A good majority of the time, its a mystery.

That being said, here is a longer breakdown of that.  Breeding for color all comes down to genetics and knowing how to pair dogs that share the same genetic make-up for the dog (in this case, color) you are breeding for.
You can breed two Red standard Poodles for instance, and due to what is behind them, you can get all Black dogs. You can breed a Black to a Red and get Red and Black puppies.  I could go into a whole history of how the colors were developed, but you probably don't have all day.  
If you want to read up on Color Genetics, here is a website that talks about it in a more simple form so its easier to understand.

Since your dog has color in her background and not as much black, it is possible you will avoid black puppies in the litter. Do you have the parents parents colors, it would help to know what is behind them color-wise.  I would guess that the Chocolate L.D. would probably have Chocolate labs and maybe Brown or Black Poodles behind him, and the White G.D. would have the Golden color from the Golden Retriever and probably a White or Apricot on the Poodle side on her side. That could give you Golden/Apricot colored, White colored and possibly Brown puppies from your dogs side. On the male side, it will be harder to tell what the puppies could be given the males pedigree. The reason for this is you don't have anything parti colored in your dogs background that you have shown me. The Parti colored gene is recessive and therefore takes 2 genes to produce color.  That is why it is important to know what colored Poodles are behind your Chocolate girls father and behind the mother. If there are colored Poodles in there, your chances of having Parti colored pups will be increased.  If not, then the chances of having Parti colored pups will be reduced if not impossible. You could luck out with what they call MisMarks or Abstract colored puppies, which are a solid color with a spot of white on a foot or on the chest.

If you know the parents of your dogs parents, or even further, let me know.  If your dog is registered, you can get a 4 or 5 color generation from the Kennel Club your dog is registered at.
Here is the information from the American Kennel Club:

Prices start at just $15 for a complete four-generation pedigree and $17 for a five-generation pedigree. Certified four-generation (hardcopy) pedigrees are also available for $32.  

I hope this helps you some.  As I said above, Breeding for Color is never a given, even when you cut it down to a science, but if you do your homework, sometimes you can give a more accurate guesstimate. Please feel free to contact me again with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for being patience with me and for using,

I had to add this website in, it has Parti colored GoldenDoodles and information on how to get colored pups.  You could contact them for more information.  Enjoy!


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