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Hi Kim
I have two toy poodles both female. One is 12 and the other 2 and a half. Initially the older poodle , scruffy, was quite aggressive towards Chloe, the new pup. This slowly improved , especially when chloe grew!
They have been getting on well together until recently. Chloe has been demonstrating dominate behaviour towards scruffy. She has been weeing in her bed, will get possessive if scruf comes to me or my daughter for affection. She also  doesn't like it if when out, I stop to pat another dog! She will bark and jump around agitated.
If scruf gets up to get a drink Chloe. Will follow her sometimes looks like she's herding her! And will come to me and bark.
Not sure what to do here hoping you will be able to help. Many thanks Jill . I

Hello Jill,
Sounds like Chloe is claiming you as hers.  She is old enough now that she is brave enough to protect you if someone or another dog gets close.  She wants your affection and doesn't want to share.  You need to correct this now so it doesn't get worse.  All you need to do when your dog does this is to get on to Chloe.  If you are sitting on the sofa and she jumps up to you for affection, push her off and make her stay on the floor.  If she goes after Scruffy, make her lay down and submit to Scruffy.  Hold her down and let him sniff her without her moving or getting up. When she is laying still, let her get up on her own.  If she tries to jump on Scruffy, repete the process. You can also pet or feed Scruffy first, so you let Chloe know that you see Scruffy as being the top dog.  When she comes to you and barks at Scruffy, stand up and walk towards Chloe.  Make her back up.  You are reclaiming yourself and making her back away from you.  
When you are out and walking Chloe and she sees another dog, stand between the fences and again make Chloe back away from the gate.  If she growls or barks, tell her Shhhhh in a loud hiss and lay her down on the ground.  Hold her there until she will lay quiet.  It doesn't matter if the other dog is quiet or not.  She has to realize that you want her to be quiet and so she must obey.  Let her get up on her own if she is laying quietly.

This will be new to her, but it should be a language she can understand.  Give it time though.  Praise her when she does something right, growl and tell her NO! in a loud growling sound when she does something you disapprove of.  

I hope this helps you some.  If you have other questions about this or other Poodle questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks for using,


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