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i have a 9 year old female standard poodle who is swollen but not in heat

Hello Judy,
Sometimes females can become swollen but not show signs of being in heat. Its almost like a false heat. They go through all the motions of being in heat, but there is no blood.
Is she due to be in Heat? You might have missed seeing the blood.
A female will first show blood for a few days when beginning their heat cycle.  9-11 days after seeing blood, they will enter their Standing Heat phase where they will be willing to stand for a male and during this time they can be bred. This phase will last about 2 weeks, then they will go out of heat. Sometimes a female will clean themselves well and you miss seeing the blood. A females cycles may change as they get older also so that they aren't coming in on as regular of a basis as when they were younger.

If you suspect that there is trouble, please contact your Vet.

I wish I had more information for you. If you have other questions about this, or other questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

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