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How to stop a 6mnth old poodle male puppy weeing on peoples shoes when they visit us!

Hello. This is a problem due to your dog being shy around other people. You need to socialize your dog more so he gets used to being handled and touched. Take your dog to the puppy store or to a pet playground where he can interact with other dogs and people. Encourage people to give your dog a snack and a pet. Praise your dog when he lets people touch him without being shy or submissive. Same thing when people come to the house. Hand them a biscuit when they come in the door. Have them encourage your dog to come up to them so they can pet him after he has had a sniff of them. When he does check them out, dont look at him or talk to him, just let him sniff. This way, he can check them out without feeling like they are overwhelming him.  When he has sniffed them a little, they can offer their treat to him. This should eventually help him with his submissive urination. Be consistant and keep him away from loud or dominant people until he reduces the amount of peeing.

I hope this helps you some. If you have other questions about this or other Poodle questions, please feel free to ask.

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