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Vandall wrote at 2014-03-30 23:30:58
We Have Samson 32 inches tall and 100. 7 pounds. We have never seen a larger one

Vandall11 wrote at 2016-09-08 15:11:48
I have a very large std Poo, he is 32+ inches at the withers, and 120 pounds, I have never seen a bigger one.

His name is Samson. given at 8 weeks old.


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Since nobody with Poodle experience has signed up, I will do my best using my general knowledge of dogs. I do know that they are valued as service dogs because of their lack of the dander than causes most dog allergies. I have experience and training through my volunteer work with a large dog guide school in modern, proven methods. The service dog schools have acquired a wealth of knowledge about raising well behaved, healthy dogs with long, active lives. They do not share it with the general public, but pass on the best of it to those like me that raise puppies for them. I am part of a group that has raised dogs for 6 different service dog schools. We meet monthly and share information. Please don't send me medical or breeding questions. An internet forum is not the appropriate place for them. Even if I could tell what was wrong from a handful of symptoms, you would still need to get the medications from your local vet. Breeding should be left to those not needing to ask simple, basic questions. Books have been written about it. Rather than ask me a question, start reading. Those unwilling to do the work it takes to produce quality puppies should spay/neuter their pets at 6 months.

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