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Hello from a young age i was a great pool player so much so i won tournament left right and centre both here in ireland and in the states but i got marry and gave up for ten years now im back in my local pool league but i cant seem to pick up where i left off would u have any tips on how i might get back to my great days of my beloved pool again please

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul.

You need to practice, practice, practice. Pool is a game of repetition and muscle memory and you need to play a lot to hone your game and keep it in shape and, after a long layoff--in your case for years--you need a long period of sustained regular play to gain back your game. If you just joined a league and expected to get back your game playing once a twice a week during league matches that's not going to work. You need at the least to play a few hours a day, a few days a week every week for months. If you don't have the time to do that you will never get your game back.

That's the minimum. And if you are taking that time already, or are going to, you also need to set aside some time during practice to work on fundamentals: shooting straight, staying down, keeping your body still, following through, not steering, relaxed grip, not dropping your elbow. That's your body fundamentals. You also need to work on fundamentals of play and the only way to do that is with drills. To describe what drills to do would be far beyond what I can do in this forum but I think you would do yourself a favor by picking up a really good book to work from which discusses this in great detail. I recommend Phil Capelle's Practicing Pool. You can get a copy here: http://www.amazon.com/Capelles-Practicing-Pool-Phil-Capelle/dp/0964920492/

Bet of luck,

Pool Teacher


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