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thewayitis wrote at 2016-06-29 04:47:19
No...61 or 15 ball is one of the oldest of the billiard games. It is pert near the original game of billiards once numbered balls were used.  Rotation came much later. Straight pool, or 14.1 was a direct result of 61 (15 ball) because the player who has pocketed the most balls does not necessarily win. To make the game, so they thought, more fair, each legally pocketed ball was assigned a point value of 1, rather than the value of the ball, and with continuous play (14.1). Anyone who plays 15 ball, and I do, realizes that there are interesting subtleties in play in getting the value of the number on the ball rather than 1 point per pocketed ball. It is a great game and I highly recommend it. The rules for the game are quite simple - one gets the point value on the ball pocketed. The player who reaches a score of 61 first wins. Well, for scratches, fouls etc. search the net for the rules. And again - No - 61 is not rotation...rotation was a much, much...much later game. IF you want to play one of the oldest, original bollard game once numbered balls came into play, then it is 61!


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