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Is there a rule against chipping the cue ball over the eight ball in order to hit the target ball if you are snookered?


Hi Deirdre.

I assume by "chipping" you are referring to the golf term equivalent of what is called in pool a "jump". If I am correct, then it is perfectly legal to perform a jump shot at any time in the game and it does not make any difference if the ball jumped over is the 8 ball. However, most people do no know how to jump properly and perform illegal jumps when trying to do so.

Jumping by scooping under the ball to fling it into the air (in fact, something rather equivalent to chipping in golf) is absolutely illegal in all authoritative rule sources. This is because, at least in part, it is foul to intentionally have the ferrule of the cue (the white part below the tip) come into contact with the ball, which happens on these scoops.

A legal jump shot is performed by driving the cue ball down into the bed of the table and forcing it to jump into the air by rebounding from the bed of the table. It is a fairly advanced shot, and many people have never seen anyone jump in this correct manner--most bar players haven't.

A slow motion video of a legal jump shot can be found here:

A similar video showing an illegal, scooping jump shot is shown here:

So the answer to your question is there is no rule against jumping over the 8 ball, but with the caveat that any jump shot is illegal unless performed legally, and most people do not know how to perform a legal jump shot.

Best of luck,

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