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In BCA rules, what are the rules regarding having cue ball  behind the headstring in 9 ball, 8 ball and straight pool? When are the times apart from the break that the cue ball in hand can only be placed behind the headstring?

When not calling non- obvious shots I understand its a loss of turn if you pot the ball without nominating but is it a foul?

If you pot your nominated ball in an open table and then scratch the cue ball, is the table open?

Can you hit the 8 ball in an open table, if not is is cue ball in hand to opponent?

Thank you :)

1.  never behind the headstring in 8 ball or 9 ball.  Straight pool is always behind the headstring.

2.  yes, loss of turn but not a foul.

3.  yes, still open.

4,  never.  you can never hit the 8 first.  foul.  (unless you made all your stripes and are now on the 8 ball).  You can hit your ball first that then hits the 8 ball and that is not a foul.


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