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Pool/Billiards/Push shot, bad play from behind head string and Combo question


Andrew wrote at 2012-11-15 22:38:58
Thank you for your quick response, much appreciated. A few last questions, does bad play behind the head string in straight pool only apply on a foul break? Bearing in mind all my questions are BCA/WPA rules. What happens also if you do hit tge rail before the rack on a break? What does the opponent get the option of?

Finally, last 2 questions, if you pot your called ball in the called pocket and every ball including opponents ball enters that pocket and different pockets do you play on if just the 8 ball is left? And last question, if you are breaking what happens if you place the cue ball in front of the headstring on the break?

Thank you :)

Andrew wrote at 2012-11-18 01:14:46
Thank you for your answer, very helpful and so pleased to have people on here with great knowledge on the topic!


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