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Pool/Billiards/Push shot, bad play from behind head string and Combo question


Hi there,

I was just wondering after having a dispute with one of my friends about this playing 8 and 9 ball.

1. When playing 9 ball if the breaker does not pot anything can the opposing player play a push out? When can you not play a push out e.g. foul on break perhaps?

2. When calling shots in 8 ball lets say you are solids and you hit one of your solid balls that hits a striped ball, however the stripe ball goes in the pocket and the solid does not? What happens then?

3. In the WPA rule/ BCA rule of BAD PLAY FROM BEHIND THE HEAD STRING does this apply only to the shot straight after your opponent fouled on the break? Or is this any time a player decides to place the cue ball behind the head string after his opponent fouled, even though they could just place the cue ball in front of the head string to save this problem? If a player fouls under this rule is it ball in hand to the opponent?

4. When calling balls, if you call a 3 ball and hit the 2 ball first which hits the 3 ball into the called pocket is this allowed?

5. Finally, can you break hitting the side rail first diagonally to then rebound off the rail which then hits and separates the rack? Is this legal?

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

It always depends on what rules you are playing by.  Always agree on rules first.

1.  Yes.  The incomng player can do a pushout.
2.  Your turn end and the other guy shoots.
3.  Only applies to a foul after the break.
4.  Yes.  You only call BALL and POCKET, not how it gets there.
5.  no.  In 9 ball you have to directly contact the 1 ball first.  8 ball, you have to go at the first or 2nd ball directly.  in onepocket, you can hit the side rail first, but that is not common.


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