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Hello, just a few questions really, saw this forum and was hoping you could help, I'll be brief.

1. 8 ball pool - if you pot the 8 ball on an obvious shot and do not call do you lose?

2. Does the frozen ball rule in straight pool where you can only do two safeties apply to 8 ball and 9 ball or just straight pool? Can you also please explain this rule as I have trouble understanding it. A friend of mine told me once in straight pool of this and an infringement of this rule is ball in hand for the opponent anywhere behind the head string. I cannot see this in the WPA BCA rules, does it still exist?

3. Player accidentally nudges an object ball in 8 ball pool, the opponent has cue ball in hand. Does the object ball go back to its original position?


Depends on the rules.  Always agree to rules before you play.

In call shot games, obvious shots don't have to be called.  So no you don't lose.

Yes, the frozen ball to a rail rule applies.  If an object ball is frozen to a rail, you can't just tap into it folr a safety since you have to hit a ball and then something has to hit the rail.  WIth the ball frozen to a rail, that rail doesn't count as being touched by that object ball.  It applies to all pool games.

Yes, the object ball goes back to where it was.


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