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QUESTION: I have an old pool stick that I'm sure might be worth something.  It has adesign of a shield in pearl inlay. Then there is circles of pearl inlays. Carved designs of some kind of cresents. It's a reddish brown wood. The only letters i can read are sam, and can't seem to distinguish the rest of the letters

ANSWER: I dont see the pictures ?  sounds like a sampio cue made probably in the 60-70 so there may be a little value there Ive seen these cues

http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=81495 heres some for sale I also found this article with some info that might help...
Hello, and thanks for your question. I have never personally seen or played with a sampaio cue. I did look it up in the newest edition of the blue book of pool cues. Sampaio was founded in portugal Spain in 1880 and made cues through the mid-1970s. It has about twenty examples of different models pictured. If you could send me a picture there is a good chance that your model will be one of the ones shown here, or very similar.  It appears that most of these cues feature a carved handle, and these are more popular among collectors. If you like, give me a more detailed description, and I could be of more help. Does it have a carved handle? If so, what kind of pattern, how intricate? How many inlays? Does it have spliced points? Give me as much detail as you can.
  I can give you a general idea though. According to the book, depending on model, condition, etc. The price values will range from just over $100 to over $1000.  Based on the little information I have to go on, I would guess that you probably have a level 2 or 3 on the intricacy chart, and chances are that it is in no better than 90% condition wise. Minimun values for a level 2 in 90% condition is $195 , in 70% condition is $135. Level 3 in 90% condition is 265, in 70% would be $195. These are minimum prices and a lot of these are going for more. For example, "the princess" model ( one of the more desireable ones) is a level 2 cue and is listed at $950 in 90% condition, and $700 in 70% condition.  Also, the ivory ferule will add $50 to the value of your cue. If you have a second straight shaft it will add $100 to the price. There are alot of factors that will determine the final value of your cue. Original condition , intracacy of detail, scarcity, and of coarse, the market demand for that paticular model. There are trade shows for collectors, as well as online marketplaces. The blue book also has a listing of cue dealers. Ebay can be a good choice as well. I have personally bought collectable cues from ebay listings. I would first try to definitively identify the model or characteristics of your cue, and then find out who may be interested in buying it. Keep in mind dealers usually buy with the intention of reselling it, and therefore will generally give you less than the actual value. This is not dishonest,just business. Your best bet is a collector, who wants to add your cue to their collection.  I hope this has helped, give me more info and I can give you more specific answers.

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QUESTION: The first pool stick shown is the one Do you know how much that one is worth?

The article pretty much sums it all up you have a sampio cue type this name into the google search block and you will get many of these for sale and even on e-bay , I must point out that your cue is not worth 1 penny more than someone is ready to pay for it..so to find this out I would suggest you post it on e-bay, craigslist etc and make a play at a sale other than that the value can be from 100.00 to 1000.00 as the article states..No-one can give you a value thats absolute.. good luck.. mike


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