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My Fiance purchased a Sportcract pool cue many years ago. we are looking to sell it. However,both of us are unfamiliar with the value of a cue. I can tell you it is in a Halex case. It is in fair condition. Code on sticker says 210Z.

I tried reseaching through eBay, craigslist and even the manufacturer. I am unable to find anything similar in design. We are trying to figure out what the value may be, especially since through my research cues can range from $20-$500.

I am sure I haven't given you enough information but i don't know where to find more information to give you, other then colors, which I doubt to be helpful.

I am writing from the US would appreciate any information you could offer or direct me to where I may go to find what we are looking for.
Thank you so much in advance!!

Hi Ashley:

Yes, cues can range vastly, and not $20 to $500, more like try $20 to over $100,000. In fact, the Thomas Wayne's "Celtic Prince" cue, shown here sold in the 1990s for over $100,000. But Sportcraft makes bargain basement cues. At the high end, it's worth $30.

Best of luck,

Pool Teacher


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