QUESTION: my mother has left me a pool cue, but i dont know/ how to identify the maker or type. it looks plain, simple. its a 2 piece,when i unscrew the bumper, there is... jbs. could you give me more info on this piece? or lead me in the right direction. thanks alot, lynda


   Pool cues are unfortunantly hard to identify by markings since there have been many people who tried to make cues and most would mark them somehow, but only a handful have been successful and to everyone those markings are very common in your case without some detailed pictures it will hard to id this by these letters which dont point me to any pool cue maker that is familiar to me..i have spent some time lookibg in my blue books and internet and found nothing but if you want to start by sending me several detailed pics especially of the joint area and the bottom plus the forearm if it has points I may be able to better assist you..
Thanks Mike

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2 piece pool stick
2 piece pool stick  

markings JBS
markings JBS  
QUESTION: here is a pic., i hope it can help. thanks again lynda


Once again a little hard to id.. but inside the butt showes me lathe grips that pretty much shom me this is a offshore cue.. now another thing is there is no weight bolt ... all good cue makers weigh their cues for one purpose ..to get the balance right.. pool cues are made heavier or lighter buy wood density nit artifical weight.. so if this was any cue maker of substance there would be some sort of weight adjustment..now when we look closer it is a very basic sneaky pete cue and although can be a great playing cue I hardly doubt the value to be more than 75-100  $ us but if it plays goos its worth a million to the player.. so enjoy the cue and the game I wish i could do something withthe letters but they dont match any cuemaker i have ever seen



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