QUESTION: Your opponent just scratched, you have one ball left and it is in the "kitchen". Where do you place the cue ball to take your shot?

ANSWER: Behind the line or in the kitchen refers to the head of the table (the end you break from) and is the space from that head rail to an imaginary line that crosses at the 2nd diamonds that are on the side rail.

You can shoot at any ball that is past that line.

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QUESTION: Again, if my ONLY ball left to play is in the kitchen, and my opponent just scratched (so cue ball is in my hand), where do I place the cue ball?

cueball lhas to also be in the kitchen too.  you have to shoot the cueball down table and then have it come back up table to hit your ball.  sucks.  Bar rules penalize YOU when your opponent scratches.  makes no sense.  use APA or BCA rules instead whenever you can.


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