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My dad was gifted one of these in the early 50's by the college team he coached. I got it in the 1970's. The original leather grip is a very hard, fine finished leather that shines up like a shoe and very glossy. It is the rosewood green, purple veneer type cue. I had a genuine ivory ferrule put on it to match the butt ring. here is the issue: the brass joint with that HUGE screw finally got to the point it wold no longer "hold" after tightening. The female thread in the shaft spun rather than fully tightened.  I took it to a jack leg and after he was done, the cue would not tighten without at least a good 1/16th inch ( or maybe more) misalignment. I continued to play it for awhile. I now have misplaced some of the brass parts and one black plastic ring, maybe more I would have to dig around and uncover the cue in the storage

Assuming no other damage to the shaft or butt, what materials would you suggest to repair this cue? I've seen a lot of "conversion cues" but was told years ago if I tried to repair the cue with anything other than original parts it would not have any value

This is a solid straight well kept cue and no one has had it but me and my old man.....Also, I know nothing about how this process would be done, who would do it, or what price range it would fall into. Any info, suggestion or recommendation Mike would be greatly appreciated.


   I assume that this is a wille hoppe cue and that the insert in the shaft has spun... This is not a common problem for these cues but to be fixed correctly the but of the cue must be placed in the lathe to check the alignment of the pin in the butt if this is perfect in the center then the shaft needs to be inserted and epoxied with a piece of hard maple into the joint this must stick out approx 1/4 inch .. the machining process would insert the brass insert back into the shaft and finished this if done correctly would make for a perfect repair with perfect alignment of the butt to the shaft... using the original pieces  should not damage the cues valus...this process needs to be done by a competent cue specialist as it takes accurate equipment which most cue makers posess and the skills of a competent cue maker..look for a good cue maker in your area and request a perfect alignment.. If by chance you need a new shaft using the original but rings would be fine also good luck..


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