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Please tell me about 8-ball bank where a Player calls a 3 rail bank shot with the cue to hit the 8-Ball but ends up coming off a 4th rail and calls it a good shot. I told him no that is slop pool and in a call shot game you can not call three rails and hit 4.

The second thing is it right in 8-Ball bank if you bank the 8-ball and miss the pocket but do drop the cue ball that the game continues and it is not considered a loss?

Getting ready to set rules for next year and we are adding 8-Ball bank to the formats, but the two above are in question. I personally have never played slop pool or dirty pool even liked it. They now call dirty pool defensive playing, but I have always played to make a ball even when I could not see my ball, I take what I earn.

Always agree on rules before you play.  Common rules are at www.poolplayers.com and www.bca-pool.com for rules that would be used for leagues and tournaments.

Traditionally, slop pool is making a ball in a pocket you didn't intent.  Most rules for CALL POCKET games only require you to name the ball and the pocket, not how many rails it will hit or what balls it will hit.  Sounds like you are using bar rules.

Also, if you are on the 8 ball and scratch, that is generally a loss of game.

Determine the rules you want to use and print them out so all agree and all know the rules.


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