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Hi Bill,

Just wondering after studying the rules of straight pool carefully I am still not sure of a few things that I would like answered...

1. Player breaks 2 balls hit a rail and cue ball scratches straight into the pocket without once striking a rail. Is this a foul -2 or playing foul -1?

2. Same scenario except no balls hit a rail. Whats the ruling?

3. When spotting balls, is there an order when spotting them? Say you pot the 8 ball and 15 ball. Would you spot the 8 first?

4. When spotting balls, if a ball is spotted and does not move between lets say 3 shots and another ball is to be spotted, is it spotted in contact with the interfering spotted ball that is on the foot spot or should a small separation be made?

Thank you :)

Hi Andrew,

Your answers:

1. All fouls that occur on the break are "Breaking Fouls", penalty 2 points

2. Same as question 1.

3. There is no order in which balls are spotted in 14.1.

4. Spotted balls should be in contact with each other with the exception of the cue ball. If the cue ball is on the line of spotted balls a small separation should be made.

Play well and enjoy,



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