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John Tobin wrote at 2014-01-15 03:20:29
Michael, I also have the same pool table with "Joe Wythe Master Cushions, Billiards and Bowling, Oklahoma City OK.  The numbers under my table are 2376, written in paint or pencil.  I think they may indicate the serial number.  It has a 1 inch slate top that measures 50" x 96". I don't know if Joe Wythe was a billiard parlor or a billiard manufacture.

SMARTHER wrote at 2014-12-18 03:59:08
Although not directly on point, I purchased a vintage set of dominos (1935) today and the box had "Joe Wythe Co., Billiard & Bowling Supplies, Oklahoma City 4, Okla." stamped on the inside cover.  The dominos are Bakelite and made by Elkoid.

SummPool wrote at 2015-09-19 02:21:10
The original owner of my business A.J. Gill Billiard Supply / Solids-N-Stripes was Maxx Platter. His business was called Platter Billiard Supply. Maxx married Joe Wythe's sister (or daughter maybe) I can't remember which for sure but I'm pretty sure it was his sister. Her name was Pauline. The Joe Wythe Company did manufacture pool tables and other such things here in OKC. I'm not sure on the exact time frome. Max died around 1983 and was approximately 70 years old at that time. They had no children. His brother was Jim Platter and together in 1964 they opened Platter Billiard Supply at 2905 NW 16th St. in OKC., OK. It became A.J. Gill Billiard Supply around 1985. I began working there after my fathers billiard business called Game Room Supply closed down in late 1988. After 10 years of hard work there I was able to purchase that business. We are now known as A.J. Gill Billiards as well as Solids-N-Stripes which is our websites name. Well our website name is actually solidsnstripes.com . We are still located at the same original location. Even today we still run across a Joe Wythe Co. pool tab;e once in a while. They also had cue sticks and pool cue racks with their decals on them but I'm not for sure if they actually manufactured the cues or not. Their cues look very similar to Brunswick pool cues but with a different decal. The decals look very similar to Brunswick's decals as well. I am sure they did manufacture their own cue racks.  

Buster wrote at 2016-01-19 18:28:03
Joe Wythe is my father.  He recently passed away 1 month shy of 98 years old.  He started his bowling and billiard business in 1956.  I'm not sure of the date but I think closed his business sometime in the 60's.  Pauline Platter was his sister.  I would be interested in purchasing the domino set if it is for sale or any other small item that has the Joe Wythe decal on it.  

Lisa Crwaford wrote at 2016-08-24 12:22:35
I have a 9 ft slate top that I bought from Hershel Crows estate sale when the Beasons moved from Altus Ok to Oklahoma City .... It has the brass plate that says the same thing yours does ..... I heard the Wythe Co was long gone ..... Love the table though



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