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Michael............the name plate on my snooker table reads MASTER CUSHING....JOE WYTHE CO......BILLIARDS AND BOWLING.....OKLAHOMA CITY I got the table out of a church in tulsa in the basement game room. Have you heard of the company and what year do you think it's from? The table is old but in good shape.On the under side of the rail is a number, 1895. Could be serial or year?


You may have me there on pool table mfgs ive really not seen or heard of this company but im sure theres someone out there or maybe a short lived or very small company so I did tons of research and come up with apparently a company who lists this company as one of the tables they service so i am forwarding you this info and you maybe can follow up and get the answer your looking for..
Solids N Stripes Oklahoma City, OK, 73107 - YP.comwww.yellowpages.com/oklahoma-city-

Search for other Billiard Table Repairing in Oklahoma City. ... American Heritage, Brunswick, Joe Wythe, Patterson Hoffman, Brackett Billaird Supply, Galaxy, ...
+Show map of 2901 Northwest 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

maybe this is a good place to start thanks for letting me help



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