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Brown Cue Ball
Brown Cue Ball  
Deal Pool Teacher,

I was left an old set of Centennial pocket-billiard balls.  I do not play, and I am not asking for an appraisal.  I saw a response that you posted about the the history behind certain billiard sets.  I hope that you could help either provide or point me to the direction of learning more about this set.  The main distinguishing factor of this set is that the cue ball is brown with a black diamond.  I have attached an image.  I look forward to your response.

Many thanks!

Hi Susan.

Wow that looks to be in great condition. That is a Hyatt Triangle cue ball by the Albany Billiard Ball Company, circa 1920s, and made from Bakelite. For a similar ball from this company, see The Albany Billiard Ball Company was one of the first major users of Bakelite, an early plastic--and the Hyatt trade name is derived from John Wesley Hyatt, who founded the company in 1868. He was a major player in developing a process for manufacture of the first industrial plastic, celluloid, and got involved in the first place in pursuit of claiming a $10,000 prize offered by a billiard ball firm for a substitute for ivory in making balls (expensive to obtain, hard to work with, easily broken and deformed, and though I don't think they cared at the time, totally immoral).

"Centennials" are by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, a different company (though Brunswick in its early days were agents in selling Albany's composite balls). The first Brunswick "Centennials" were in the 1950s, sort of--they were not marketed by that name but were advertised as "Centennial Cast Phenolic Balls". They were branded by Brunswick as Centennials by 1966; earlier Brunswick balls were marketed as "Ivorylene" balls. Anyway, I cannot confirm that all of yours are a matched set, but I can confirm that some of them are also Hyatts, which leads me to believe they all are, and none of them are Centennials.

Best regards,

Pool Teacher  


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