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I recently bought  meucci pool cue and wanted to make sure if it was real or not

Hi Mark.

Meucci's are factory made, mass manufactured cues. They are not highly-prized, expensive collectors items and therefore there is no call for anyone to go to the effort and expense of making fakes. To put it in perspective, people make fake Tiffany lamps; they don't make fake Ikea lamps. In short, yes, that's a real Meucci cue and because of the lack of ornamentation and points, a rather low end example I would expect to sell in the range of $100-$150. To make a good looking fake, duplicating the Meucci logo and form, would require time, effort and material expenses dwarfing this amount.

Best regards,

Pool Teacher


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I have wide ranging knowledge of all the cue sports, with the exception of snooker. I can answer most questions related to playing any of the standard games such as straight pool (14.1 continuous) eight-ball, nine-ball, one-pocket and 3-cushion billiards and the variations on these games. Questions welcomed regarding technique, strategy and rules, history of the sport, trick shots, the mental game, practice, practice drills, pool/billiards publications, and so on. I DO NOT DO CUE OR TABLE APPRAISALS OR IDENTIFICATION. See below.


I have been a dedicated player of pool and 3-cushion Billiards for many years. I have given lessons professionally and have run and participated in too many tournaments to name, including professional events such as the U.S. Open. I am also a cue collector and student of all aspects of the game. Note: I was starting to get far too many questions about pool cue (and pool table) valuation and identification and will no longer take these questions, sorry. I am a player and historian of the sport and the heart of my expertise is not product comparison or appraisal.


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