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I have read some history on pool and back when I learned how to shoot pool, you never got something for nothing or a hand out because of someone's mistake.

I am currently doing fundraiser's for wounded soldiers and my rule to prevent dirty pool is this. If the player does not have a shot and decides to do a safety shot, either the ball he hits or the cue ball must hit a rail or the next player has the option of taking the cue where it sets or taking it to the kitchen or behind the head string.

To me this makes more sense to do it this way then to just give someone a duck in the pocket, after all you should earn your own way and no have a hand out. I have also been playing 100% one handed pool for 50 years as of this year 2013.

I think the current ball in hand rules make sense.  You have to hit your ball and then something has to hit a rail.  If not, ball in hand anywhere on the table.

This is the most fair since your foul shouldn't give you ANY advantage.  If I had to take ball in hand only in the kitchen, it might keep me from shooting at my only ball.


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