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If I hit a ball and I wobbles in pocket and the cue ball hits rail and comes back and hit object ball again it went in called pocket is that a double kiss

Hi Heat.

Though your question appears on the surface to be about terminology, let me clear up one possible backdrop to it that might inform the reason you asked.

If the scenario unfolds in the way you say, and whether you call that a double kiss or not, that would not result in a penalty in the game. It would still be a legal shot and you would get to go again (or if on the eight ball, you would win). In authoritative rules you only need to call the ball and the pocket, nothing about how the ball reaches the pocket. So long as no foul is committed (which a double kiss is not), if the designated ball falls into the designated pocket, the shot is good.

As to terminology, in the most technical sense it is a double kiss, which just means the cue ball hitting the same object ball twice on a single shot.

This is deceptive though because the way a double kiss occurs 99.9% of the time is when an object ball that is close to a rail is struck full by the cue ball and it bounces back back into the cue ball in a fraction of a second before the cue ball has time to get away. When people say double kiss, they almost always mean this, and probably would not use the phrase for the shot you describe.

By the way, don't confuse a "double kiss" with a "double hit". A double hit is when your cue stick touches the cue ball twice, and that is a foul.

Best of luck,

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