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My husband has a green metal cue that we found. It has to be very old. Contains a sticker Willie masconni... We can't find any metal cues

Hi Stacie

Aluminum cues are inexpensive and extremely undesirable. Willie Mosconi was a very famous player and so they branded it with his name. Put it back in the attic or sell it at a garage sale. If you got $50 that would be a steal. Don't play with it. Even a $15 Walmart wooden cue is better than a metal cue.

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I have wide ranging knowledge of all the cue sports, with the exception of snooker. I can answer most questions related to playing any of the standard games such as straight pool (14.1 continuous) eight-ball, nine-ball, one-pocket and 3-cushion billiards and the variations on these games. Questions welcomed regarding technique, strategy and rules, history of the sport, trick shots, the mental game, practice, practice drills, pool/billiards publications, and so on. I DO NOT DO CUE OR TABLE APPRAISALS OR IDENTIFICATION. See below.


I have been a dedicated player of pool and 3-cushion Billiards for many years. I have given lessons professionally and have run and participated in too many tournaments to name, including professional events such as the U.S. Open. I am also a cue collector and student of all aspects of the game. Note: I was starting to get far too many questions about pool cue (and pool table) valuation and identification and will no longer take these questions, sorry. I am a player and historian of the sport and the heart of my expertise is not product comparison or appraisal.


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