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QUESTION: 3. In 8 ball if you pot all stripes on the break are you assigned solids? This would be unfortunate since the opposing player would only be left on the 8 ball. If you pot all balls but the 8, do you re rack or can the breaker pot the 8 ball? I ask this because a shot on the break is an open table in BCA regardless of whether balls are potted or not and you cannot hit the 8 ball on an open table.

I've never heard of this happening, and I've heard some tall tales, but according to APA and BCA rules the table remains open until a ball is pocketed on a legal shot "after the break". So, yes, I guess if you pocketed all of one suit on the break you'd have to play the other suit in order to have a legal shot at the eight ball.

Excuse me but if the APA or BCA says you have to pocket a ball after the break to determine your group, then in your example above, all the breaker would have to do is shoot at a solid and miss giving the solids to the other player and if he makes just one then the breaker would have the 8-ball, to me that would be common sense and good defense, however if the other player figured out you missed the solid on purpose he or she could do the same thing thus dragging the game out till on just gives up.

I personally have been playing one arm pool for 50 years as of 2013 and have played against a lot of good two handed players and have never seen any player drop more than 3 balls on the break unless of course the cue also dropped.

ANSWER: In APA, you are what you make on the break, so you would have to be stripes.

In BCA though, I don't know how they would rule.  I don't see that ever happening though where all 7 of only stripes fall.  Their rule doesn't cover this.

Always something that gets missed in the rules.

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That may be the rule in APA but not all APA leagues are following that rule.

I shoot pool with a lot of APA players in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Auburndale and they all tell me in their leagues you must pocket a ball after the break to determine their group even if they drop a ball on the break.

They also tell me that on the first shot only after the break you are allowed to use any ball except the 8 to drop your first ball after the break. I find some of their rules whimpy as I learned years ago you get what you earn, or is pool becoming more like our SS,Wf,and FS programs get everything the easy way. The guys and gals the play in my tournaments know that I do not believe in the gimme system, they call every shot exactly as it will happen or lose their shot. We do not play ball in hand, if a player does not make the object or make it or the cue hit a rail, then the ball is taken where it lays or is put in the kitchen,players choice. On the break if they make a ball the groups are set, they do not have to make another after the break to decide if they get the group that fell on the break. Sorry to bend your ear, but this is just me and most of my players.

ANSWER: go to for the APA rules.  They are the same everywhere.

Masters league though has different rules.

Why are you making up rules?  Common rules for pro's would be:  table always open after break and you call your shot and you get ballin hand ANYWHERE on a foul.  Common for bar table is play where it lies which is THE CRAPPIEST rule ever.  why should you benefit when committing a foul?

APA is a transition from bar rules to pro rules.  It is OK.  BCA rules are better since it is more like what the pros deal with.

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QUESTION: I think you speak with forked tongue. You ask me why I should benefit from making a foul, then why should someone else benefit from my foul by putting the ball anywhere on the table. Be a man about it and earn what you get, if I scratch it goes in the kitchen and if I miss my ball and do not hit a rail the next player does have a choice of taking it where it lies or putting it in the kitchen. My tournament my players and my rules. People who don't like our rules don't have to come play, my players believe in earning what they get.

why SHOULDN'T I benefit from your foul?  You fouled.

It comes down to the point where my only ball is in the kitchen and you keep fouling and I can't make my ball.  And what if your only ball is there too and then we just go back and forth.  Makes no sense.  But you play by whatever rules you want to.  I am just saying that most players are playing by ball in hand rules.  BCA uses it, APA uses it, pro's use it, WORLD POOL ASSOCIATION uses it.  Might as well use that rule.

And they all also use the rule that you have to hit your ball and then something hits a rail or it is ball in hand anywhere.  

The reason for these rules is so that a person making the foul gets penalized.  Also, it keeps the games from lasting for hours.  We don't want to turn 8 ball into a game of one-pocket.  People would just keep fouling over and over again.

Earning what you get has nothing to do with it.


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