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One man told me it is illegal to pair up a player who has not yet played round one with one that has and one his or her first game. This came about on a bracket sheet for 10 teams. If you go to and find the team double elimination page and look at the one for 10 teams or players. He wants to know why two of the ten players are pitted against a player that played his or her first game and won when those two have not played yet? Now I have looked through a lot of sites the have bracket sheets and they are all the same. I told him they probably did it that way to get rid of the bye's, but I really did not know for sure. If you have a problem understanding what I am asking then please call me at , thank you very much.

no...not illegal.  Brackets are usually 8 person, 16, 32, etc.  SInce you had 10 teams, some had to play against a team and others received a BYE (played against a BYE so they advanced to round 2).

If you get a BYE in round 1, that is one less win you have to get so that is an advantage.  Nothing unfair about it or illegal.

When you choose the teams and put the BYE's down, it should be random.  


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