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My playing partner is adamant that part of my hand or fingers must be in contact with the table when I shoot. On some particular tight shots I feel more comfortable just "poking" at the ball with my stick held in the air. I say I just shoot funny, he says it's illegal.

Nothing illegal about it.  When you shot a masse shot, you often don't have your hand on the table.

With that said though, the key to a good stroke is A SOLID BRIDGE and being able to have the cue go back and forth in a straight line and delivered to the same point consistently.  If you want a solid bridge, you keep your hand on the table.  When shooting over a ball, you still form a tripod for stability.  If you are able to shoot in the air, that is a good sign that you are accurate.

Is this on a 9 foot table?  Your errors will be magnified on a 9 footer if you are only shooting on a bar table.  If you are shooting on a 9 footer already, then good.

Still, a solid bridge is required for many shots.  Many shots cannot be done by poking at it.


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