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I was reading trough some answers recently and came across this one:

Now, in this article it states the following:
"On all shots under standard rules the cue ball must  contact one of your balls first (for example, in 8-ball, a stripe if you are stripes, a solid if you are solids) and then one of these three things must happen or it is a foul: 1) the cue ball contacts a rail; 2) another ball contacts a rail, or 3) a ball is pocketed. If any one of those three things occurs the shot is legal. If any one doesn't, the shot is a foul.

Note that striking a rail and THEN one of your balls does not fulfill the rule; the contact must be with your ball then a rail."

Does this mean I cannot play my cue ball off of a rail and then into my object ball, sending it into the called pocket as a legal shot? (I believe these are referred to as "kick" shots)

An example shot if the aforementioned question would be as follows:

Object ball(lets say 2) is jawed in the corner pocket but there is a ball of the opposite group(the 15 persay) in between that ball and the cue. Instead of hitting the opponents ball(15) I would simply aim for the rail opposite the balls in question, banking my cue AROUND the 15, sending the 2 into the corner pocket as indicated.

Would this be invalidated or cause loss of turn due to the fact that it did not strike an object ball before striking the rail? That is what the quote above seemed to imply.

yes..kick shot is good.  The rule was meant to state that you have to hit something and then something has to hit a rail or get pocketed.  

In your case, you banked the cueball off the rail, it hit your all, and then something was pocketed so no foul.

You just cant kick into your ball and have NOTHING hit the rail or get pocketed.


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