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While playing cut throat pool the other night, we came across an issue with regards to scratching the cue ball. I started out by breaking and made a ball. I continued, made another ball and called my set as the low balls. I proceeded to make a few more then missed. The next player took their shot and immediately scratched. None of my balls (the lows) were in, but there were both mids and highs in the pockets. Neither of the other two players had pocketed a ball and thus had not gotten ownership to a set. Should any balls come out and be spotted? I found it to be odd that they got to each take one of "their" balls out seem as how they had not made a ball and didn't own a set and were guilty of the scratch,  so essentially I was being penalized by two.balls coming out (as none of my lows had been made)..... a clarification on this would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

Since none of your balls were made yet, the scratch doesn't help you.  Since the other 2 didn't claim a group, then 1 of each of those gets spotted.  If one other player had claimed a group then only 1 ball would get spotted (not a ball from the group of the person who scratched).

A more common version is to select groups PRIOR to the break so groups are assigned.  In that case, you would know which ball to spot and it wouldn't benefit the person who scratched.

Hope that helps!


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