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Butt end of cue
Butt end of cue  

Handle end
Handle end  
My father was a pool shark back in the seventies and back in 1976 him and his best friend whom also a pool shark traveled to tennessee from chicago for a doubles pool tournament and they won the double tournament and the prize was money and an anniversary set of cues.My father's best friend is believed to have past away somewhere in Miami and there is no telling what happened to his cue.My father told me years ago that it was made buy george Balaabuska one of the last ones he made before he pasted.I don't know how accurate that is but I sure am hoping that you can give me some clarity.I can send you more photos if needed.Thanx

Hey James.

You have no idea how many times I've been asked "Is this a Balabushka?" Every single time I've rejected the question and told them usually something like "no, not even close; here's why" (many people also ask whose cue is obviously a recent Adams replica). I usually don't take questions anymore asking what is this cue or what's my cue worth. But I will here where it looks like a real one and with provenance details. Yes, it sure looks like a Balabushka and a gorgeous, elaborate one at that (I wish I could see the bumper to confirm it's that brownish Delrin he used). Anyway, if that's real and in as good condition as it looks in the photo and made with a Szamboti blank, I would say it's worth $30,000 easy.

Listen -- you don't confirm this over the internet. Forget that. You need to take that to a recognized expert for evaluation, put it in his hand, let him issue a written authentication.

Last I heard, the guy to see is Pete Tascarella

I'd give him a call.

Best of luck,

Pool Teacher


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