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What were the old rules of two ball shoot out in 9 ball.

Hey Tommie.

You mean "two fouls" shoot out or "two shot roll out" I think, and not "two ball shoot out" . In the old nine-ball rules you could push out at any time, which was considered a foul, but the only penalty was that your opponent could have you shoot again or take the shot. Also any foul was treated as a push; you foul I can tell you to shoot again. If a player committed two fouls in a row however (including a second push as the next shot after a prior push, regardless of who was at the table), resulted in ball in hand for the opponent. This two in a row option was common but there was also two by the same player, meaning the foul only counted for you. Thus if you push, I shoot and make a good hit, you're still on one foul.

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