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Q:  During a game, player A inadvertantly begins shooting the wrong suit, in this case the suit being stripes.  There is still one solid remaining on the table.  Player A runs all of the stripes.  Player B waits until Player A has gotten to the 8 Ball, calls a foul, takes ball in hand on the 8 (not the remaining solid) in which he makes, and then Player B says he won the game because he was originally stripes.

I was told by a person who is qualified as a ref, as per VNEA,  who said that the rules of calling a foul after the first shot of the wrong suit is no longer.  He said that the opponent can call a foul at any point after during the inning as long as both players have not shot prior to the foul being called.  Once the foul is called, that incoming person has ball in hand and contiues with remaining balls of his original suit.

I have never heard of this rule.  I have always known it as the foul had to be called after the first shot of the wrong suit or that player now becomes that suit.

Jason....THAT SUCKS!!!!

I don't play VNEA, but I play APA and a similar rule is true for APA.  If you shoot the wrong ball it SHOULD BE A FOUL AUTOMATICALLY!!!  But, their crappy rules allow for you to switch back to the right group before the other person calls it a foul. have to call it a foul before they switch to the right group though in APA.

So, if the person is supposed to be solids, but starts to shoot strips, you CAN wait until they get to the 8 ball and call foul.

But....if they were supposed to be solids and started to shoot stripes in and then switched back to the right group, you cannot call a foul because they are on the right group.

Crappy rules, but always good to know the rules before playing.

I have never actually seen someone do this though because both players are usually paying attention to the table.


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